Complete land management planning & creation services
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Akita Land Management UK

Providers of complete land management planning & creation services

Hello and welcome to our site. Here at Akita Land Management UK we pride ourselves on our ability to work with clients from concept to completion on any agricultural, construction, parkland, urban or large domestic land makes us as unique as the environment we are working in. Our qualified team of experts and partners ensure that we leave no stone unturned or removed when planning and executing any project.

Our aim at all times is to complete the project on time and within budget whilst considering the environment, ecology and habitats.

Akita Land Management will always keep you up to date with progress throughout your project, starting with any necessary surveys from the outset. Our clients benefit from full project completion in regards to land clearance, temporary fencing final stage landscaping and final fencing and access solutions working in partnership with Akita Fencing. One phone call, one provider, one budget and one goal.

Included in our land management services:

  • Ecology – We can offer nationally recognised Phase 1 and Phase 2 habitat surveys
  • Landscape management planning
  • Habitat management
  • Clearance and site preparation
  • Habitat creation and restoration
  • Wildlife exclusion and ecological fencing
  • Estate and land management
  • Deer and vermin control
  • Not just fauna and flora – We also carry out all types of ground works.

For any other information about our services and how we can help you please contact us here or telephone our team on 01424 777051 and we will help you with your enquiry.